The Idea of the market came about in 2010.  I had noticed that there was not a location to purchase fresh local food in the Forest area.  I called the county and they directed me to Scott Baker the Bedford VT. Extension agent.  We met and talked about what would be a good way to create a farmers market in Forest.  We brought together several individuals in the community to work together to form the market.  After much research and seminars the location and time was agreed upon.  Our first season we were small ( 11 vendors total), but we were mighty!  The market had established itself as a place to gather and to purchase fresh local food.  As the market has grown so has it vendors and customers.  In 2014 we averaged 32 vendors and between 200-300 customers each week, total sales for the season reached over $250,000.  Each year we try to add to the experience of the market, some of these are; music at the market, Bedford extension master gardeners are at the market each week and also offer a childrens program once a month.  The master naturalist will be beginning programs at the market in 2015.

How the market came to be