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COVID-19 Rules & Information


We are so excited to be able to offer you fresh, locally grown foods and handmade items in the safest manner possible at our outdoor location in the field and along the trail behind the County's Forest Library. We provide extra spacing between vendors to give customers the ability to move more freely, without congestion. There is hand sanitizer at the entrance for your convenience.

We pride ourselves on being a producer only market, everyone of our vendors grows, raises or creates the products you purchase. There is no reselling someone else’s products. During COVID-19 this is especially important to know that only the producer and you have handled what you are purchasing.

1. If you are sick, please send someone else, if need be, contact us and we can work something out to get you fresh local food.


2. Please keep socially distant. We know that you want that perfect produce or are excited about the pastries that you will be having for breakfast, but please give everyone space.

3. Masks are NOT required at the market, if you feel more comfortable wearing one please do, if your preference is to not wear a mask, great. Either way please be respectful of all customers.


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