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Market Tips

Tips for Farmers Market Shopping


Year round it’s time to shop at the local farmer’s market. There’s a lot to be said about having a positive farmer’s market shopping experience.  These tips will help you have a great experience!


  1. Watch the clock. The earlier you shop at the market the more likely you’ll beat the crowds and get the best pick of produce. You’ll also be more likely to get 1-1 attention with vendors so you won’t feel rushed if you have questions to be answered. If you decide to sleep in and head to the market later in the day, that’s OK! 

  2. Bring your own bag. Most vendors do not supply customers with bags to take produce home in.

  3. Bring a cooler. Farmers markets aren’t just a shopping place for produce. Many markets have vendors that are selling meat and dairy items that require immediate refrigeration. By bringing a cooler you can keep foods cold so you don’t feel rushed by exploring the market.

  4. Know the seasons. Do some research before going to the market to know what’s in season. I like this reference this Fruit and Vegetable Seasonal Guide.

  5. Try something new.  Farmers markets offer a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables, which provide our bodies with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. The more colorful your shopping basket, the more of these essential nutrients you are likely eating! If you want to buy produce that you have never used before, ask a vendor how they would prepare it.

  6. Think of meals ahead of time. Think about meals ahead of time so you don’t have buyer’s remorse when you get home! Also, take inventory of what you have in your kitchen before you head to the market. I love having a fridge full of produce, but I hate when it goes to waste.

Are you ready to make your own farmers market shopping experience?

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